Eurofaitex represents, today, the latest synthesis of an entrepreneurial run that boasts over 40 years of experience in the field of insulating materials & gaskets.
The technical staff Eurofaitex, the preparation of its commercial office, the competence and the skill of his employed are the result of a formative run that wants to improve continuosly the quality and the efficiency of a leader service .
Eurofaitex is able to warrant to its customers high quality standard and, at the same time, a real express service; in fact all its branches use last generation technology only to be able to produce better and faster. Eurofaitex's personnel is at Your's disposal to give You, where it's necessary, after-sales service and consulting in an all-inclusive service that has its purpose to resolve any kind of problem about materials and its characteristics in every employing condition.
Eurofaitex's raw materials and final products store, finally, it's able to deal real time almost orders and, using its agreement with the principal express couriers is able to guarantee rapid and punctual deliveries.
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